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Clients may not be well-versed in real estate title and insurance verbiage. At Keystone State Abstract, we do our best to inform our clients of unfamiliar terms and wording.


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There is a lot more to what a Title Company does than issue title insurance policies. The chain of title for your property is searched and examined, a title binder is prepared and then remaining title issues are resolved before the closing.

Our professional agents ensure your title order is received and processed in a timely fashion, and that all closing-related communications between interested parties are conducted and managed professionally.

We work closely with your other Pennsylvania based real estate professionals; real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lenders, developers and attorneys. Our proactive concern and calculated focus on touching every detail of every transaction, turns your most complex challenged file into a successful and positive customer experience.

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Whether you need help negotiating a mortgage or buying a new home, Keystone State Abstract LLC can manage all your mortgage needs. Our Mortgage Pre-Approval services will take the complications out of the process. You’ll be surprised by how easy your life becomes once we work together — contact us and find how our Mortgage Pre-Approval services can help.

Loan Comparison

Whether you’re buying your first home or looking for a new property, there’s lots of stress and complications involved in mortgages and financing. That’s where Keystone State Abstract comes in. We help our clients with all their Loan Comparison needs so they can enjoy the fun and excitement of buying real estate knowing they’re in good hands.

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Save money by receiving the best financing terms available. The Refinancing services cater towards getting our clients the best down payment and interest options on their loans. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. Check out our opening hours and schedule a consultation appointment today!

Here are four tips to ensure a smooth closing...

  1. Before you submit your order to the PA Title Company, ask your customer if there has been a recent divorce, death, or other situation that would affect title to property. If so, inform your title agent immediately and ask client for a copy of the death certificate or divorce decree. Quick turnaround time from your start to closing depends on accurate information. It is imperative to get this information to the title insurance company as speedy as possible.

  2. When working with your borrower, if a power attorney is to be used at closing; the Pennsylvania title company will need to review it as soon as possible. In addition; the title escrow officer may need to speak with the principals listed on the power of attorney on the day of closing. Inform the title closer of any special arrangements that may be required for closing. The signatures of all parties are necessary in order to close. Therefore; if someone is unable to attend, we will need to make appropriate accommodations.  Most PA Title companies can make alternative arrangements for signing, however with out proper planning closing can be a nightmare.

  3. If an appraisal fee or hazard insurance is required on the closing instructions, please provide all invoices at scheduling that the title company has to pay. Furthermore, mortgage brokers, you should be clear with your Lenders to whom a fee is to be paid. For instance, if Line – Appraisal Fee is to be paid to XYZ Appraisal, Corp., then be sure to have your lender identify such instead of your company as the payee.

  4. Finally, be sure your customer has “bank funds” for the closing. “Bank funds” meaning, a cashier‘s check or money order for buyers/borrowers funds owed at closing made payable directly to the title insurance company.

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